Healthcare IT & Medical Informatics

Our Healthcare IT & Medical Informatics Team of specialists can address your Information Technology needs in all healthcare areas including clinical and analytical. Our medical informatics specialists, clinicians, business analysts, developers, quality assurance engineers, content writers, and graphic artists combine our knowledge of Medicine with Information Technology to innovate solutions. We are proactive in understanding our customer’s needs and bring the right solution in a timely manner.

Our vision

We have a system in place to manage a growing amount of work by adding resources to the team.

Our team is led by Dr Neerav Pradhan who is a Healthcare IT specialist, a Medical Informatics specialist, Certified in SNOMED CT Content Development and a Family Physician. His Healthcare IT & Medical Informatics skill set combined with his clinical background gives an added advantage to him to deliver best healthcare IT and Medical Informatics services to the clients. Find Out More

We provide wide range of Healthcare IT & Medical Informatics services by the way of offshore as well as onsite projects. Below is the list of some from the different types of service that we provide. We are not limited to this list and can provide any other service as per the client’s need.

Medical Terminology and Clinical Data

Medical taxonomy/ontology- Build concepts with many to many clinical semantic relationships (Metadata).

Mapping of health concepts with different terminologies & medical language systems like SNOMED-CT, UMLS, ICD9, ICD10, CPT, LOINC etc.

Clinical and functional quality assurance of medical taxonomy and terminology system.

Medical data for software, web-modules like symptom search, treatment search, mobile apps etc.

Data mining.

Healthcare IT Projects

Development of healthcare mobile apps, software, analytic tools and health portals.

Market research, business analysis and prototyping for Healthcare IT projects and products.

Clinical and functional quality assurance of healthcare websites, software, mobile apps, tools etc pre and post release levels.

User acceptance testing of the software, tools, applications developed for the use by clinicians, clinic staff, healthcare consumers, pharmacies etc.

Products and project management for healthcare IT companies, insurance companies, clinics, doctors/providers as per the client’s requirements.


Medical contents in the form of articles, definitions, trivia, quiz, diagram/image, animation, audio and video for website, mobile app, social media etc.

We also provide customized contents on the proprietary basis where the contents will be exclusively created for you and will become your intellectual property for lifetime.

We can edit/update medical contents that you already have.

Validation and proof reading of contents on your website, books, mobile apps etc for the clinical accuracy by experienced clinicians.

Patient Education Material

We provide patient education material in the form of books, booklets, brochure, web page etc with text, trivia, quiz, image, animation, audio and video.

We provide the patient education material customized for you with your clinic’s logo and name which could be owned by you, or you can have it license based.

Other Services

Medical history/records summarization for insurance companies etc.

Conversion of paper medical records to electronic records.

Online HIPAA and HITECH training.

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