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Dr. Neerav Pradhan

Dr. Neerav Pradhan is a clinician with a special interest and vast experience in Healthcare Technology & Medical Informatics. He completed medical schooling at P.S. Medical College, Karamsad, India. He has a certification in SNOMED CT Content Development from SNOMED International.

His Healthcare IT & Medical Informatics skill set combined with his clinical background gives an added advantage to him to deliver the best Healthcare IT & Medical Informatics services to the clients.

He has more than 16 years of Healthcare IT & Medical Informatics experience developing EHR, mobile apps, health portals, medical ontology, CDSS, and content for companies in the United States, South Africa, and India.

Our vision

As a Director of Healthcare IT & Medical Informatics at LetSetGo he is responsible for the development of healthcare applications and medical informatics projects.

Philanthropically he is attached to the Amrit Mangal Charitable Trust as a trustee. Amrit Mangal Trust is focused on public awareness regarding Health and Education with its activities like ‘Education on Wheels’ and ‘Doctor on Wheels’.

Dr. Pradhan’s Core Competencies

More than 16 years of US Healthcare IT experience

Extensive experience with standard medical vocabularies including SNOMED CT, UMLS, ICD10, etc.

Comprehensive working knowledge in the development, enhancement, and QA of medical taxonomy/ontology

EHR industry experience - development, implementation & training

Development of healthcare mobile apps, intelligent (AI) clinical decision support systems (CDSS), health portals, and other healthcare applications

Verification and validation for clinical applications

Clinical experience as a family physician (India)

Ability to evaluate medical literature relevant to a specific clinical problem

Creating and managing a team of clinicians, medical informatics specialists, business analysts, developers, and testers

Coordinating resource demand across projects


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